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1st Sunday after Christmas

Luke 2:41-52

Growing In Faith

This sermon is stil being edited

One Punk Under God

He has his mother's eyes and his father's chin. He was nearly born under the glare of television lights. His backyard was literally one of the largest theme parks in the South. While other kids were doing their chores, he was running thorough avenues of his families financial fortune. While the mother's of other boys were working in a quiet office and teaching Sunday School, his was interviewing people who had penile implants and others who were dying of AIDs. While other kids were celebrating their parents 14th anniversary, his were getting a divorce and serving a prison sentence. This was the childhood life of Jay Bakker.

After his father was convicted of fraud and adultery and his mother became the bunt of every nightly comedian for her hairdos and plaster on make up, Jay Bakker had every reason to throw off the religion of his youth. He had every reason to rebel and walk away from the faith of his parent. For a while he did. He spent his teenage years in the darkness of the drug culture. He was bent on self destruction. What a contrast to the childhood experiences of our Lord.

How did he turn it around? What happened that made him change? I am not sure you will have to read his book

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